Tarifa in times of Corona [July 2020]

This is a guest post by Bianca who lives in Tarifa.

Destination for those who’d like to stay in Europe

Tarifa, ‘the wind capital of Europe‘ is a great location for any kite holiday especially when you would like to stay in Europe. But how is the (post) Covid-19 situation there: How is Tarifa in times of Corona?  We ask Bianca, host, kite guide, Dutchie and living in Tarifa.

Tarifa (town)

“We went from ‘Tarifa; having the town for ourselves’ to ‘Tarifa; invaded by the whole of Spain’ within one weekend… There were hardly any cases during the lockdown in Tarifa, so we felt safe to hug our friends but for the rest Spain is pretty manageable strict”

Holland versus Tarifa (Spain)

“I was shocked and felt somewhat unsafe walking around in Holland now (i’m on a short visit before I head back to Tarifa), because nobody keeps distance… In Spain that is still something you do as much as you can with strangers. Also a mask is obliged in stores and the old town. It’s obliged everywhere where you can not keep distance basically. I must say it gives some more feeling of peace and safety.”

Being in Tarifa now

“Futhermore Tarifa in times of Corona for a kitesurfer now, is amazing to be!
One: most people coming to Tarifa are Spanish who do don’t kite (so more space on the water) and because well, being in rainy Holland now, figure out the other reason number Two…”

What to expect staying in Tarifa with Outbound?
“The house has sprays in every other room to disinfect if you like. There is disinfectant at the door or you are asked to wash your hand when you enter the house. Also in the kitchen and bathroom everyone has their own shelves, plates and glasses etc. We keep the house in Tarifa in times of Corona as clean and safe, as possible”.

Keuken 2019 Kitesurf Appartement Tarifa
Keuken 2019 (let op verbouwing volgt in 2020)

“At the beach, we go to spots where there are hardly any sunbathers. You can join us, or go to the beaches with many topless women. Everyone can have their own choice”.

Going out
“What we do is reserve a table with nice companion(s) up front and go to dinner and have drinks there. We avoid the bars in the weekends because with the limited seats (you have to have a seat to be in or around a bar) and many people who want to go out it’s just not very relaxed. Or we go to dinner early and (well early for Spanish who eat around 22.30 and go to bars around midnight)”.

Afraid of corona in tarifa?

“Are we afraid of getting Corona? Not really but we like guests to feel relaxed in the house so it’s nice when people just are sensible”.

We urge people who like to book their summer holidays to do so.

The Spanish are booking the whole of Tarifa and we notice we are saying a lot of ‘no’ to non kiting people who would never book a kite house if the rest was not fully booked.

And with Outbound you will not loose your money when you book and some Covid measurement in Holland or Spain prevents you for coming to Tarifa”

Spanje, Tarifa – “Kite appartement”


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